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Work in Progress

The Ethics of Nudging. Book manuscript (with Thomas Nys).

The Ethics of Nudging (with Andreas Schmidt).

Nudging Children (with Amanda Cawston and Alfred Archer).

Competition: What It Is and Why It Is Wrong (with Yvette Drissen). 

Equalizing Positional Goods: When Leveling Down Is Not What It Seems (own work).

Inequality, Well-Being and Status: The Moral Psychology of Market Societies. Book manuscript (with Alan Thomas and Alfred Archer).

On Second Thoughts: First Introductions to Philosophy. An open access, educational handbook, edited together with Maureen Sie (Open Press Tilburg University).

Latest Publications

Ruehle, R., Engelen, B. & Archer, A. (2020). Nudging Charitable Giving: What (If Anything) Is Wrong With It? Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

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Engelen, B. & Nys, T.R.V. (2020). Nudging and Autonomy: Analyzing and Alleviating the Worries. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. 11 (1): 137-156. 

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Engelen, B. (2019). Nudging and Rationality: What Is There to Worry? Rationality and Society, 31 (2), 204-232.

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Engelen, B. (2019). Ethical Criteria for Health-Promoting Nudges: A Case-by-Case Analysis. The American Journal of Bioethics 19 (5), 48-59.

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Key Publications 

Schmidt, A.T. & Engelen, B. (2020). The Ethics of Nudging: An Overview. Philosophy Compass, 15, e123658, 1-13.

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Engelen, B., Thomas, A., Archer, A. & van de Ven, N. (2018). Exemplars and Nudges: Two Strategies for Moral Education. Journal of Moral Education. 47 (3), 346-365.

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Nys, T.R.V & Engelen, B. (2017). Judging Nudging: Answering the Manipulation Objection. Political Studies 65 (1), 199-214.

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Neuteleers, S. & Engelen, B. (2015). Talking Money: How Economic Valuation Can Undermine Environmental Protection. Ecological Economics 117, 253-260.

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Engelen, B. (2007). Why Compulsory Voting Can Enhance Democracy. Acta Politica, 42 (1), 23-39.

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